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"Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness." -Ray Bradbury

about the photographer

  • Born:January 22, 1982
  • Lives:Austin, Texas - USA

My name is Eric Gustafson and I work professionally as a web design/developer, but I've always held an avid interest in photography. Both designing and photography require a sensitive perception of people and expectations so I've always tried to remain aware of both wherever I am. I don't generally enjoy talking about myself, but as you've reached this far into the first paragraph you must still be curious. During my spare time I've wandered around with camera in tow for about 8 years now. I won't get into any technical specs of my gear or the process of taking photos here, but you can read about that here if you would like.

I have come to enjoy street photography more than any other type — Orchestrating images with little to no control over the subject matter and environment. My only choices being when, where and how it is to be captured. The rest is left to fate, interactions, choices and perspective. There is an authenticity to it all that completely humbles me.

I've also enjoyed getting out at night in urban areas, driving in the country and finding old train yards, sitting inconspicuously in the middle of a crowd to get shots and photographing animals. More of my photos can be found on antilimit.com if you are so inclined.

Some more boring personal details (boring to perhaps all but my girlfriend, who may be reading this and find their existence imperative) is that I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend Erin for almost 5 years now, enjoy taking my Trek out into the hill country of Austin on rainy summer days, and think Mythbusters and 1937's Holiday are pretty much the best TV show and movie of all time. If you do not agree with these highly statistical facts you are probably wrong.

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