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facing asia

"There is no exquisite beauty... without some strangeness in the proportion." -Edgar Allan Poe

about the contest

Can you tell me the name of the photographer, sax player and year of the photo below? If you can, I'll ship you a free print at the size of your choosing from Facing Asia and an 8x10 print of the photo you guessed correctly.

I've really come to love the photo ever since I saw it on the wall of a record store in Chicago back in 2006. It does a fantastic job at doing so many different things. You get a sense of not only the musician but perhaps more importantly, the fans taking in the music.

You don't get any free clues or anything. Go find someone you know who is knowing in the ways of jazz and ask them who the musician is and you should be able to figure it out. Good luck!

If you're the first email me the correct info I'll follow up with you at the email address you listed, which print you'd like and inquire where the prints should be shipped. With your entry please make sure to include the following in your message:

  • — Your first & last name.
  • — Your email address.
  • — Year photo was taken.
  • — Name of photographer.
  • — Name of musician.
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